Covid 19 Information

Covid_19 and our safety measures at The Half Moon

‘The difference between stumbling blocks & stepping stones is how you use them’

– Unknown.

Who would have thought this time last year how much our lives would change over the course of the year?

I’m sitting upstairs above the pub,  writing this during yet another lockdown, having just reviewed our Covid_19 Risk Assessments – again.

We understand that times such as these we all feel more cautious when visiting places such as pubs & cafes & we hope that our procedures & methods will out your mind at rest to enable you to have a memorable (for all the right reasons) visit to us.

All of our great team here at The Half Moon, have undergone industry award winning Covid_19 training to not only enable them to provide outstanding customer care & service, but also to keep you safe during your visit to our wonderful pub. We continually update our risk assessments to ensure we are compliant with the most current government guidelines. Our standards have always been high. We pride ourselves upon the continued training we provide our team to enable our standards of hygiene & cleanliness remain high We hold the Food Standards agency rating of 5, as well as a perfect score with Cask Mask & Visit England’s Covid_19 Compliant award, amongst many industry awards & accreditations.

So, how do we provide this safe environment for your visit?

The answer is very simple really. We follow a strict set of guidelines.

We ask all customers to complete the track & trace form, whether it is in the digital QR format or a paper copy for those who require. We also ask that you wear a face mask or covering when you come to us. Don’t worry – it’s only for entering & moving around the pub – but it is a rule we must enforce. Obviously, if you are exempt, please let us know.

We have removed our bar stools, and many chairs & tables to allow for plenty distancing between tables. Our front door is propped open, when weather allows giving the best ventilation although when the weather is unpleasant, we try to keep a window in each room ajar to help with ventilation. This means on some days, a cardigan or jumper may be required for your visit to us – but it is a small price to pay we feel in our bid to keep everyone safe.

We also clean, clean & clean. Absolutely everything. Every item you may touch, or may rest your belongings upon. We use a 3 part clean to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. Firstly we wipe away any residue of crumbs using single use paper towel. Secondly we use an anti-viral spray (recognised as one which is proven to destroy the virus). All surfaces are sprayed with this, so your table, your chair & any surface around your table which may have been touched. This has an activation time of a few minutes so we leave the spray to do its work (complete with a sign so there can be no confusion as to the process which is taking place). We then wipe the spray away with more single use paper towel & polish the surface.

Alongside our cleaning procedures of the tables, we follow government guidelines & clean any touch points frequently, as well as ensuring our hand santiser stations are always fully stocked.

Our team is wonderful. With each change of guidelines or tier change, they have taken it in their stride. Even wearing face masks themselves & practicing excellent social distancing skills. They, like us, can’t wait for this chapter in our lives to close & for a new one to open.

Until that day arrives, we’d just like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to welcoming you into our great pub.

Stay safe.

Clare, Jamie & our Half Moon family.